Sunday, June 12, 2016

Two Zeddemores and An Accountant

Back when I picked up the TMNT figures from Duluth, I found these guys as well!

The problem that I have found with The Real Ghostbusters toys is that it's kinda rare to find them and when I ask vintage toy collectors about them, they find them.


....they are always the most common figures and I have three of them already and being that they are Ghostbusters, they price them ridiculously high. So when I pass on them, I feel like I am the bad guy...

$25 for the VHS is a bit steep...

These guys however were needs for me in my collection; Screaming Heroes Winston, Slimed Heroes Louis, and Super Fright Features Winston.

Louis is the best shape out of all of them as SH Winston has bad hips and SFF Winston has a fogged up dome.

 I always loved the Louis Tully figures as it was a novelty to let him into the crew. I have the Power Pack Louis as well so life is good. The stance that Kenner put Louis in just speaks volumes about his personality and I dig that.

These guys were kind of weird in almost an astronaut. I wasn't a big fan of this line up so I never had them as a kid. 

The Screaming Heroes lineup was always cool as you wound them up and hit a trigger where they would spin around in crazy ways. These things had some serious power too! Sadly, age has not been good to them as kids often got them wet which rusted out the springs, overwound them, or just abused the hell out of them. 

Nonetheless, I really love previously loved toys as they show a lifetime of adventures that some kid put them through.

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