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Challenge: Ghostbusters 2016 Scavenger Hunt

To help celebrate the upcoming Summer of Ghostbusters, I wanted to ask the Ghosthead Community to come up with some fun and creative challenges for photo or video opportunities to post on social media.

I'll be honest; there is no prize at the time of this writing. It's more so a challenge for all the fans and franchises of the Ghostbusters brand to go forth and create something awesome.

Prizes have been added and will be awarded to the beset three photos. We are looking for creativity and amazing rises to the challenge here. The more challenges you complete in an epic way, the better your odds of winning.

We are keeping the prizes a mystery so far but they are some of the more rare current Ghostbusters merchandise that has escaped the clutches of collectors. Perhaps some ECTO Cooler or Hot Wheels 2 pack action? Maybe a rare version of the Destroyer who isn't such a bad guy?

It's easy to play along; take up a challenge from the list of 84 below, take a photo or video proving your completion of the challenge and lastly post it to your favorite social media platform with the hashtag: #GBHunt with the challenge's title.

For the next few days, if you have an idea for a challenge that you'd like to see on the list, please Tweet it at @heroic35 or message it via the WhoYaGonnaCollect Facebook page. Any unsafe or illegal activities will not be considered. 

If you create the challenge, you can name it! This is actually great seeing as this list could be pulled for future events and cons which means there is your name alongside it!

The most creative, funny, or entertaining entries will be featured here in a future date.

Let's get going!


Most of these challenges ask that you mix in something Ghostbusters related such as wearing a t-shirt, using a Kenner toy, or going to the extreme by putting on a proton pack and taking the photo. You don't need to be a franchise cosplayer to enlist in this celebration but if you want to, that makes it even better! You scale how far you want to go!

  1. I Was Born to Be A Ghostbuster: Take a photo in a Ghostbusters clothing item.
  2. That's a Big Twinkie: Find a Twinkie. The bigger, the better!
  3. It's Back! Host a toast with ECTO Cooler.
  4. Subscriber Variant Cover: Re-enact a panel from IDW's Ghostbusters comic series.
  5. He's a sailor: Attend a marshmallow roast in something Ghostbusters related.
  6. Tubular: Crossover an adolescent mutant from another dimension.
  7. Like A Million Bucks: Take a photo with slime, wearing it is optional but recommended. 
  8. Come Here, Francine: Dust off that library card and go for a visit.
  9. Makes You Feel Good: Find a No Ghost Logo.
  10. You've Earned It: Give someone a Nestle's Crunch Bar.
  11. The Most Harmless Thing: Go back in time and share a photo of the simpler 'Bustin days.
  12. The Yes, Have Some Challenge; wipe a piece of pizza on your face.
  13. But the kids love us; take a photo of you and a kid and something Ghostbusters.
  14. Mass Hysteria; take a picture of a cat and dog together. 
  15. I Blame Myself; take a picture in an elevator with something Ghostbusters.
  16. Number One Christmas Boutique Item: Hug a toaster.
  17. Go, Go Now: Find a postcard in a gift shop.
  18. Ruining Childhoods: Take a photo of something '84 and something '16 together. 
  19. Last of the Petty Cash: Take a photo of something that adds up to $19.84. (Money, receipt, etc.)
  20. You're the Best In Your Row: Something musical and something Ghostbusters.
  21. Chew Your Food: Find some Chinese food and photograph it with something Ghostbusters.
  22. Okay, You Sweaty Freaks: Find someone who is metal and do the horns salute with them.
  23. Old Skool: Use a vacuum cleaner in lieu of a proton pack. (We all have been there at some point)
  24. The Hunt: Find something Ghostbusters in the wild and take a photo of it. (Toys, DVDs, soundtrack, etc.)
  25. Officer, arrest this man! Take a photo with a police officer. (Please ask first.)
  26. Ugly Little Spud: Find Slimer and pose with him.
  27. Answer the Call: Stare at a fish tank, pondering something deep.
  28. Who Brought The Dog?: Take a picture with a dog. Milkbones optional.
  29. The Goldberg: Find some Ghostbusters trading cards and give them a loving gaze or a hug.
  30. I Think You Can Handle It: Do a thumbs up by a 2016 movie poster. 
  31. Get Outta The City: Take a picture with nature.
  32. Really?! Use a selfie stick.
  33. I Found The Car: Take a picture of an ECTO, big or small.
  34. The Biggest Event: A photo or video of you listening to your favorite Ghostbusters podcast.
  35. Welcome Aboard: Take a photo of your Ghostbusters 2016 or Fathom Events Ghostbusters event ticket stub.
  36. She's French, You Know That: Find something Statue of Liberty related.
  37. Look At All This Junk Food: Find something Coca Cola related.
  38. Make Good Decisions: Find a bus stop.
  39. Ungrateful Yuppie Larva: Find birthday supplies. Extra points for wearing a hat.
  40. The Sedgewick: Poke an unsuspecting person as Egon did in the Sedgwick and video it.
  41. The Cameo: Take a video of you singing part of the theme song and have someone else scream "Ghostbusters" awkwardly.
  42. The Third Movie: Take a photo or video of you playing Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
  43. The Kemp: Visit a Children's Hospital in gear. **special one regarding gear**
  44. Interdimensional Crossrip: Take a photo with another project from a Ghostbusters cast member. (i.e.- a DVD of "What About Bob?")
  45. Six Million...and One: Have your photo taken kicking yours truly up the backside. (Robert Cassidy)
  46. The Mayor Wants To Rap With Me: Have a picture taken of yourself in gear with the Mayor of your city. (Wade Haddock)
  47. Are You A God?: Take a photo with a villain. (Jody Lynn Sumner)
  48. How Is Elvis?: Call in to the Crossrip answering machine, leave name and city, and say "How is Elvis, and have you seen him lately?" We play it on a following episode, achieved. (Troy Benjamin, host of The Interdimensional Crossrip) Call in number is: 1-470-242-4742
  49. It's Miller Time!: Take a picture of you with an alcoholic beverage relaxing while wearing something Ghostbusters related. (Sean Nicholson)
  50. "Good Girls": Take a picture of you licking a prop or anything Ghostbuster related. (Sean Nicholson)
  51. Named After A Hot Dog!: Take a picture with a baby and a hot dog. (Keith Morgan)
  52. The Dead Rising From The Grave!” - Take a photo with a zombie (Mayette Buot-Eggleston)
  53. I've Always Wanted To Try This! - Take a video/photo of you playing the GB pinball. (Mayette Buot-Eggleston)
  54. Bustin' Makes me feel Good: Get a photo as a Ghostbuster with a fictional ghost outside of the Ghostbusters universe. (i.e. - Casper, Haunted Mansion, etc.) (Casey Griffith)
  55. Whoooaa, Be Good for Goodness Sake! Take a picture or video with Santa Claus, while you're holding a microphone pretending to or actually singing into it, and wearing something Ghostbusters related. (Julie Belland)
  56. "Total Containment:" - Take a pic with a Containment Unit. (Casey Griffith)
  57. "Nice shootin' Tex!": Take a Ghostbusters pic wearing a cowboy hat. (Casey Griffith)
  58. "Let's run some red lights!": Get a picture with an Ecto-1 with its lights on. (Casey Griffith)
  59. "I Love this Town": Take a picture with your Town or Cities sign, in your gear, or Ghostbusters related clothing. Bonus points for the pose and incorporating white foam.(Julie Belland)
  60. Ghostbusters World Tour - Take the largest group photo possible with, Dogs, Cats, any Pets, Men, Women, & Children. "All" wearing something Ghostbusters related.
    Throw in your props, collections, or whatever and it really is Mass Hysteria.
    (Casey Griffith)
  61. "I looked at the Trap, Ray!" Picture of yourself staring at a Trap. Traps could be a movie prop, light, or some homemade trap. Fear filled look is strongly encouraged. .(Julie Belland)
  62. "Cats and Dogs living together!": Get a pic with a cat and a dog together. (Casey Griffith)

That's it, I took us over halfway there and now it is up to the Ghostbusters community to take us the rest of the way! Think of a challenge, name it and send it to me! Make it as easy or hard as you would like but remember that I will be giving you full credit for it so the community can curse or praise your name!

Special thanks to the members of the Ghostbusters Inc. Facebook group for pitching in a lot of these ideas! Casey, Julie, Keith, and Mayette are rocking this out!

Keep in mind that the challenges can be: 
  • Movie related
  • Comic related
  • Merchandise related
  • Respectfully related to the Ghosthead community
  • Please try to keep them broad so everyone can attempt them all (young, old, gear or no gear)

Special thanks to the ZKT PKE Surge Scavenger hunt for some of these ideas. 

If anyone wants to take on scoring or partner up with me regarding prizes for this challenge, please let me know! I just want to create a fun event for us all to celebrate another Ghostbusters movie FINALLY!

If you are want to see how to post your photo via social media for this challenge:

46. The Mayor Wants To Rap With Me #GBHunt


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