Tuesday, June 14, 2016

One of the weirdest product tie ins: Marshmallow Shooter

An odd product tie in... Ghostbusters Marshmallow Shooter!

When I did the Minneapolis thing back in March, I made a pilgrimage to Toys R Us since there isn't one close to me. I was on the search for the Diamond Select Toys 7" Ghostbusters figures but struck out on them. While at the checkouts, I spotted this behind a stock pull cart and excused myself from the cashier to grab it. By doing so, a whole rack of shit fell on me and I had to have some help getting pulled out from under it.

I never thought I'd actually add this to my collection and never really cared to add it... until I struck out on Diamond Select Toy figures. At $20 for the gun, it wasn't an enjoyable purchase and really, it has a few stickers and poor packaging. Hell, it doesn't even look like a thrower.


It's a odd Ghostbusters product and in my honest opinion, a half assed attempt at product license.

That is why it's in my collection. This item alone signifies EXACTLY WHY it's a good thing that the new movie is bringing out new merchandise with good figures, great Slimer toys, and AMAZING product packaging.

And as many have pointed out, the new 2016 Camp Fire brand marshmallows won't fit in it.

Failure. Failure all around.

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