Friday, May 8, 2015

Non-GB: Some blogger love

While I plan on making this post all about Ghostbusters, I do want to share some other collection ideas of mine that are not related to the main theme of this blog. I LOVE following other collectors blogs such as GOODWILL HUNTING 4 GEEKS and ITS TRASH CULTURE.

The first is from Derek who goes to Goodwill and thrift stores to see what treasures he can find. And he finds some odd but very cool items. I think I must check his blog once every two or three days to see what he discovers. I enjoy the oddities that he comes across like his recent Bizarro Flintstone book that talks about a boy named "Junior" in place of the girl named "Pebbles." Weird.

I love that blog so much that it leads me to my local Goodwills and holy smokes, have I found some cool stuff. I might have to make a Goodwill finds section...

The second blog is from one of my favorite toy traders. I was lucky enough to win one of his contests awhile back and the box of random items was heaven. Action figures, 90s trading cards from movies, and comics.... so cool! I wish I could get a random box of goodness from his every month as it blows my HorrorBlock/Nerdblock out of the water.

I also enjoy the week long celebrations that he comes across like the recent Friday the 13th marathon that talks about everyone's favorite Camp Crystal Lake stories.

Now that I have gotten my raving over about how much I enjoy these two blogs, this entry has a point and it's because of these two guys; Derek helped me venture to Goodwills and ITC helped me fall back in love with the 90s which led me to collecting "Goosebumps" books from R.L. Stine.

I really enjoy venturing out to thrift stores to find these Scholastica gems that were like bars of gold come book fair day.

"Oh you didn't get the new Goosebumps book this month? I don't know you and no you can't sit at THIS lunch table..."

Kids can be so cruel.

These were bizarre. They were never scary. But the ART on the covers. Oh man! That was the awesomest!

I can usually pick up a few copies at a thrift store at a time because no one just had one tale from Goosebumps. If you find one in the pile, there are usually 2-3 other copies from that series in there. And for about $1 too!

My only rule is that I am trying to get them from my thrift store adventures rather than buying a set on eBay. The adventure is the fun part, right?

Anyone else collect Goosebumps and if so, what was your favorite tale? I really enjoyed the Werewolf of Fever Swamp as it was the first one that I completed.

HorrorBlock / Nerdblock ECTO-1 TITAN!

Oh my gosh did I wait an eternity for this little guy!

I buy my wife the Horrorblock subscription with the caveat that I get anything Ghostbusters. So far, I have got a magazine and this little gem. We normally get these boxes of bliss every 25th of the month but when I heard about the "exclusive" Titan ECTO-1, I started to count the days... and of course, this one came late on May 8th.

A cool little ECTO-1 from the upcoming Titan vinyl line that could double as an item made from cake topping materials. I am not too impressed by this style but am eagerly awaiting the Titan line regardless as the characters look cool.

What are your thoughts on the Titan Vinyl figures and have any of you collected the Dr. Who line? That's the only other Titan line that I have heard of but never quite got into the Who series.

Photos credited to this blog as I am too lazy to take new photos at the moment:

Monday, May 4, 2015

Arcade time!

A friend of mine recently sent me a text that said:


It's an arcade machine by DataEast that plays the Real Ghostbusters 3 person arcade game. No dings, no mold, no water damage, only one issue; the monitor does display the video. Everything lights up, it just does not play the game. It should be an easy fix and once I figure out a way to get this down into my man cave, I'll be set. 

Here's some more photos and a link to gameplay: