Monday, June 29, 2015

New jumpsuits from ... That thing.

New jumpsuits from the upcoming pile of junk sexist Paul Feig flick. 


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weekly Goodwill Grabbing: Jurassic Edition

Every week I try to make it to my local Goodwill as mentioned previously and this week was a good haul. I don't know who the hell threw out Jurassic Park dinosaurs on the same week that Jurassic World opened up but THANK YOU! It made my day and finding these guys in a general grab bag of "other" dinosaurs, I am glad to have two more velcioraptors to add to my JP collection as well as the wounded baby T-Rex from The Lost World.

Simply Amazing....

Oh and also, they threw in the mini dinosaurs like this T-Rex that used to come packaged with the human figures.

With this discovery, I have come to discover how much I loved Kenner toys and their line up. Seriously that company defined my childhood: The Real Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Beetlejuice, Terminator, and many others... (Playmates is a close second with TMNT.)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Great Scott! Diamond Select's DeLorean

I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher Lloyd earlier this year in February which enhanced my love and appreciation for "Back to the Future" movies. When I got a text from a friend who works at my local GameStop about a DeLorean showing up in their shipment, I jumped on it. 

I used a PowerUp Rewards coupon to lower this bad boy from $60 to $35. *whew* It is totally worth the price tag though as it lights up and makes movies sounds. Everything LIGHTS up too! The flux capacitor, the dash, the head lights and the time circuits.... HIGHLY recommend for any fan!

More photos after the jump:

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Toy Trade with The Goodwill Geek

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First off, I love doing toy trades. Getting a random box of items that are vintage and many things that I have never known of. One of my favorite blogs to follow is Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks. I have been wanting to do a toy trade with Derek and often I find myself picking up items at my local Goodwill that I think he would like based on his blog.

We finally got around to a toy trade and I wanted to highlight some of my favorite items.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Everyone has that one holy grail that just needs to be remade from their past. For many it is the ECTO Cooler Hi-C flavor from the 90s.

I have to be honest; I am not a huge fan of ECTO Cooler.

I just never really had it as a kid. I mean sure, I definitely had a few squeeze boxes here and there but not overkilled on it. The reason being that my parents just didn't ever justify buying separate boxed packages of things such as juice packs. I was more of a Kool Aid pitcher kinda kid because it served the whole family. My parents were economical I guess.

HOWEVER, this is a Ghostbusters blog and I had to get this item. There have been SOOOO many recipes on how to make this item come back to life and people always get disappointed.

The people at have some cool items and the candles are the number one thing that I can respect. My wife is a huge fan of horror movies and our house is at a constant battle of villians versus the boys in grey. Upstairs looks like a Freddy Krueger movie and my man cave resides in the basement. I thought she would be a great fan of the bloody nails candles and I may have to order one of those for her later on.

Their items just never really GRABBED me to buy something so I always browsed. But then this candle came out and I just had to get it. Partly because I wanted to see how badly they messed up this recipe.

They did not mess it up.

It's pure 90s. It's truly the closest thing that we will have short of Hi-C making this flavor again.


I hope that they make a second run so I can buy another to burn. This one will remain archived as a new item in my Ghostbusters collection.

Some attempts at ECTO - COOLER things: ECTO Twinkie
X-Entertainment: The ECTO COOLER Bible
Ghostbusters: Chicago ECTO COOLER Recipe
Resurrect ECTO COOLER Facebook Group

Friday, June 5, 2015

Non-GB: The creepiest thing in my house

A "flea market" shop opened up in a town nearby that I frequently shop. It's overpriced as they judge things on eBay asking prices but sometimes you find oddities that are worth the price. This is one of those items. 

And it's the presentation that makes it worth while. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Non-GB: Goodwill Weekly Finds

As mentioned prior, I try my browse my local Goodwill store once a week to see what treasures I unearth. I do this to find things for myself as well as see what grab bag stuff I can score to use in toy trades as well. (I am always open for a toy trade.)

My local store is big on kid's books as well as blind bags. A nearby town's store strikes out on these completely. It's very weird how each store has its own personality. Luckily for me, my town's Goodwill usually offers up good things.

Green Ghost (aka Slimer) Hand Puppet

Since this is turning out to be a week of Slimer, I figured that I would continue it.

I was able to score a really sweet little Slimer puppet. He didn't come in the box but that kinda makes him cooler. He was loved at one point by someone who grew up.

I enjoy this little guy because he's just quality and fun. He fits nicely on your hand and is easily moveable. He seems like something that I would have loved to have as a kid and reminds me of when I was in kindergarten and our teacher would read us a story with a puppet. He is TOTALLY capable of doing that and perhaps when I have kids, he will be employed into that line of work.

I highly recommend this puppet for anyone who is a collector or just wants to get their kids into Ghostbusters. He was fairly cheap as well albeit kind of a rare find. He is often overlooked by collectors.

What is kinda odd about this guy is that there appears to have been two of them made at one point. So  I am not sure if he is a rip off from China or if he was later on produced. At any rate, he is a cool piece to have in my collection as he has purpose.

Slimer Painted!

I finally got around to painting Slimer last night. He is now more classy, defined, and even GLOWS IN THE FREGGIN' DARK!

The Before and After:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Slimer Prop from eBay

I am an avid eBay browser and I kept seeing this guy pop up on the listings. I had always had an interest in him but he was never "detailed" enough for me to pull the trigger. And he just kept showing up in fan videos and at convention shows.

He became a staple for fans and one of the best foam 1:1 Slimers. Well, best is not the right word but perhaps ONLY option.

He is brittle and very foamtastic. He reminds me of an 80s/ early 90s Halloween decoration made from foam. (They used to have these pumpkins with facial expression and he reminds me a lot of them.)

I am not crazy about his flat green coloring but might repaint him at some point to add some detail and depth. I am only worried about his drool as it is the coolest part of him but also going to show the paint job in a bad light should I go that route.

The last thing that I would change about him is the fact that he sure does like to look at the ceiling. Just a bit of a pull down would have been nice but what can you hope for?

A cool piece for the collection but it has so much room for improvement. Drool is great, coloring and posture is horrible, and the brittle nature of this disgusting blob shatters any parade hopes.


The arcade is finally at home.

I was lucky enough to have a friend who collects vintage arcade units and has 35 years of experience repairing them. After looking at this unit that I scored from another friend, it was determined that the power supply was bad. I was given the part for free and I paid for labor with a case of beer.

The game itself plays a lot like Guerrilla Wars/Ikari Warriors but with a Ghostbusters twist. You can find some of the gameplay here. I am surprised at how fun this game actually is and with the ability to put in as many credits as you want, you start to realize how these games were made to make money rather than be the story driven games of today. They make it HARD so you die and start over. Clever girl.

It took four men to get this into the man cave. (I am thankful for my firefighter brothers who helped with this after a hall meeting.) The least I could do was let them play it once it made it downstairs.

Because of the size of this thing and having to feng shui this thing into my collection, a lot of pieces moved around and this is now the 6th iteration of the ECTO cave.

I have also added a few new pieces which I am excited to share. Most of them are in this photo so a little sneak peek. I am also interested to see what pieces people are curious about.