Friday, June 5, 2015

Non-GB: The creepiest thing in my house

A "flea market" shop opened up in a town nearby that I frequently shop. It's overpriced as they judge things on eBay asking prices but sometimes you find oddities that are worth the price. This is one of those items. 

And it's the presentation that makes it worth while. 

Someone had a GENIUS idea about taking a curved glass display and put it over a NECA ET hand. This took the item from wearable novelty to an under the glass curiosity that seems like it's from a laboratory. 

So damn cool. 

I bought it for a fair price and eagerly brought it home to my ECTO man cave. I figured it was okay since it was 1980s and it fit somewhat. (Along with my Christopher Lloyd autographed POP Funko Doc Brown and dancing Caddyshack gopher... those will be featured later on.)

The only issue is that when I brought it home and my wife saw it. I learned about her fear of the movie E.T.. I guess it scares her to death so I have to move it every time we do a family board game night in the man cave as I keep it on the countertop bar of which where we play. 

I love it though. So neatly presented and truly is a conversation piece. 

What is the coolest yet most bizarre piece in your collection?

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