Thursday, June 4, 2015

Non-GB: Goodwill Weekly Finds

As mentioned prior, I try my browse my local Goodwill store once a week to see what treasures I unearth. I do this to find things for myself as well as see what grab bag stuff I can score to use in toy trades as well. (I am always open for a toy trade.)

My local store is big on kid's books as well as blind bags. A nearby town's store strikes out on these completely. It's very weird how each store has its own personality. Luckily for me, my town's Goodwill usually offers up good things.

When I venture into Goodwill, I am looking for a few things:
  • 90s stuff. Anything recognizable from my childhood rocks. 
  • Goosebumps books (As described in my last Goodwill post.)
  • Books that I would have bought at a Scholastic book fair.
  • Books that I can pass along to my kids some day. Today's pop culture sucks so it's a stock pile of sorts. 
  • Halloween, ghostly, or haunted items including decor and books. 
  • Hot Wheel Fire Trucks
  • Blind bags of toys that have at least two toys that I would shelf. (Marvel stuff, action figures, and vinyl toys. Not so keen on Happy Meal toys of today or things like Ben 10)
Today I only scored well on books. I did grab a blind bag of items for a vinyl bendy alien and Jack the Mouse from Cinderella vinyl figure. The bag also had some 1991 Minnesota Twins cards still in package. (They won the World Series!) The other stuff was not so good like mismatching magnets of vehicles, a broken Darth Vader transformer toy, and a few pencil holders. 

I did however score this really sweet ALF book which I consider the biggest score of the day. I freggin love ALF and watch his show on DVD regularly. It's well written and still makes me laugh so to stumble upon my first ALF in the wild find was fantastic. 

I also found a few Disney Golden Books. I plan to keep these for my kids. As a Peter Pan folklore fan, I was also excited to find his title in Golden Book fan. It's such a bizarre story when you think on the lore of Peter Pan. You have Captain Hook who is a pirate who lost his hand to a crocodile. He's terrified of the beast and only knows he is around because the croc ate an alarm clock? Then you have fairies, Indians, pirates, and a flying boy who never will grow up. Pan also gives out thimbles as kisses and the whole thing is so nonsensical that it is actually impressive that JM Barrie came up with it. 

PS - I love the back of these books. So many classic characters all on one backing.

How many of you are Goodwill hunters and what kind of things are on your checklists for items?

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