Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Slimer Prop from eBay

I am an avid eBay browser and I kept seeing this guy pop up on the listings. I had always had an interest in him but he was never "detailed" enough for me to pull the trigger. And he just kept showing up in fan videos and at convention shows.

He became a staple for fans and one of the best foam 1:1 Slimers. Well, best is not the right word but perhaps ONLY option.

He is brittle and very foamtastic. He reminds me of an 80s/ early 90s Halloween decoration made from foam. (They used to have these pumpkins with facial expression and he reminds me a lot of them.)

I am not crazy about his flat green coloring but might repaint him at some point to add some detail and depth. I am only worried about his drool as it is the coolest part of him but also going to show the paint job in a bad light should I go that route.

The last thing that I would change about him is the fact that he sure does like to look at the ceiling. Just a bit of a pull down would have been nice but what can you hope for?

A cool piece for the collection but it has so much room for improvement. Drool is great, coloring and posture is horrible, and the brittle nature of this disgusting blob shatters any parade hopes.

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