Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weekly Goodwill Grabbing: Jurassic Edition

Every week I try to make it to my local Goodwill as mentioned previously and this week was a good haul. I don't know who the hell threw out Jurassic Park dinosaurs on the same week that Jurassic World opened up but THANK YOU! It made my day and finding these guys in a general grab bag of "other" dinosaurs, I am glad to have two more velcioraptors to add to my JP collection as well as the wounded baby T-Rex from The Lost World.

Simply Amazing....

Oh and also, they threw in the mini dinosaurs like this T-Rex that used to come packaged with the human figures.

With this discovery, I have come to discover how much I loved Kenner toys and their line up. Seriously that company defined my childhood: The Real Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Beetlejuice, Terminator, and many others... (Playmates is a close second with TMNT.)


  1. The new movie has certainly rekindled a lot of interest in the franchise, and making these super collectible again. These are great!

    1. Kenner did an amazing job on this line. One of my missed Xmas gifts as a kid was the tree from this line. Kinda almost a holy grail on my collecting bucket list