Monday, June 8, 2015


Everyone has that one holy grail that just needs to be remade from their past. For many it is the ECTO Cooler Hi-C flavor from the 90s.

I have to be honest; I am not a huge fan of ECTO Cooler.

I just never really had it as a kid. I mean sure, I definitely had a few squeeze boxes here and there but not overkilled on it. The reason being that my parents just didn't ever justify buying separate boxed packages of things such as juice packs. I was more of a Kool Aid pitcher kinda kid because it served the whole family. My parents were economical I guess.

HOWEVER, this is a Ghostbusters blog and I had to get this item. There have been SOOOO many recipes on how to make this item come back to life and people always get disappointed.

The people at have some cool items and the candles are the number one thing that I can respect. My wife is a huge fan of horror movies and our house is at a constant battle of villians versus the boys in grey. Upstairs looks like a Freddy Krueger movie and my man cave resides in the basement. I thought she would be a great fan of the bloody nails candles and I may have to order one of those for her later on.

Their items just never really GRABBED me to buy something so I always browsed. But then this candle came out and I just had to get it. Partly because I wanted to see how badly they messed up this recipe.

They did not mess it up.

It's pure 90s. It's truly the closest thing that we will have short of Hi-C making this flavor again.


I hope that they make a second run so I can buy another to burn. This one will remain archived as a new item in my Ghostbusters collection.

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