Friday, May 8, 2015

HorrorBlock / Nerdblock ECTO-1 TITAN!

Oh my gosh did I wait an eternity for this little guy!

I buy my wife the Horrorblock subscription with the caveat that I get anything Ghostbusters. So far, I have got a magazine and this little gem. We normally get these boxes of bliss every 25th of the month but when I heard about the "exclusive" Titan ECTO-1, I started to count the days... and of course, this one came late on May 8th.

A cool little ECTO-1 from the upcoming Titan vinyl line that could double as an item made from cake topping materials. I am not too impressed by this style but am eagerly awaiting the Titan line regardless as the characters look cool.

What are your thoughts on the Titan Vinyl figures and have any of you collected the Dr. Who line? That's the only other Titan line that I have heard of but never quite got into the Who series.

Photos credited to this blog as I am too lazy to take new photos at the moment:

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