Friday, June 3, 2016

Pop Funko: He's Escaped Edition

FUNKO! Toys owns a large part of my soul.

These cute vinyl figures have been something that has found their way into my heart and onto my shelves. The stylized characters are translated from so many sources that I had to promise my wife that I'd stop buying all the ones I liked.

But Ghostbusters. There's my loophole.

It was cool too because the nearest POP! Shop near me was an hour's drive away at the nearest Hot Topic.

Then GameStop started selling them. And that's a 7 minute drive.

It's become an issue to the point where the staff save me the Ghostbusters ones and text me the shipment updates as they arrive.

Fuck it.

Hello, my name is Adam and I am a POP! Funko addict..."

It's cool though I guess. I was lucky enough to have a White Ranger from the Power Rangers POP series and that recently left me for a cool profit that has gone to collecting the new 2016 Ghostbusters merchandise. I have been trying to weed out my collecting trophies to single it down to TMNT and Ghostbusters.

At any rate, I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon this amazing Rowan figure from the new movie line. For those who aren't aware yet, he's the big baddy from the new movie and has a lot of mystery to him still. The new Mattel line up has him looking like Louie Anderson so this cute version of him is a nice departure. It says to me, "Forget the villain angle, I am more logo ghost than Rowan. Remember all those Saturday Mornings we spent together in The Real Ghostbusters bumpers?"

He's a cool dude and if I find another one, I am going to snatch his ass up to put in the ECTO. I also love his box so much that, like 98% of my other POPs, he is staying in it.

Amazing work on the box by Funko:

I also stumbled upon a few of the ladies from the new film but decided that the search for ECTO Cooler was more important and the funds were better used in that procurement.

I also really loathe Melissa McCarthy and it's hard for me to buy anything of her. You can imagine the struggle as a Ghostbusters collector and this internal conflict that I battle with. I did end up buying her Mattel figure but it was the Rowan Build-A-Figure that won that over for me.

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