Monday, June 6, 2016

They are aDORBz-able!

This fun little line of figures comes from Funko! in a series called "Dorbz." (I am not going to cross that threshold of why.)

I had a hell of a time tracking these down in the wild. I found Stay Puft via GameStop at the Mall of America while I tracked down treasures in Minneapolis. As for the guys, I begged and pleaded every GameStop employee to look them up in their systems but they oddly aren't listed. They carry every other fucking Dorbz character and even TWO Stay Pufts AND the ECTO-1.

What the holy hell, GameStop?

I for some reason don't like just ordering things online I think I can find in the wild so I was dedicated to finding these.

I am not from Minneapolis so I asked a Facebook group called "Twin Cities Geeks" advice on where to find vintage action figures like Ghostbusters and TMNT. They highly recommended a few shops and luckily, Hot Comics and Collectibles in Richfield, MN came through in a big way.

They actually were the honey pot of Ghostbusters new wave collectibles from Diamond Select and Funko. I spent too much money at the store... so much that I left one piece behind to keep the total down and it ate away at me that I left something behind.

So I went back a few days later for that Stay Puft bottle opener.

Anyways, the boxes for these guys aren't that cool and the line is not as collectibly popular as their POP! cousins so they escaped the boxes. I am really glad that I made that decision as these are fun little figures when held in your hand.

I was also able to find the ECTO-1 at the Mall of America GameStop which was never on my radar so it was a great surprise when I saw it on the shelf.

When I got home, I heard about a Stay Puft variant with the burnt marshmallow. This is getting pretty popular to go this route with the giant sailor. Little did I know how rare this son of a bitch is...

As I have mentioned in previous posts, some of my best friends work at the local GameStop and hold Ghostbusters merchandise for me. I got to talking with two of them about this variant and since I did it in two different conversations, mistakes were made.

I got two Stay Puft variants of the Dorbz. One came from Ohio and another from Texas.

The guilt of my actions and fear of them being mad at me for having these guys sit on the shelf pushed me into buying both of them. I am not sure what I will do with the extra yet but the story gets even funnier because the GameStop system recognized that Ghostbusters merchandise is hot in this store because of me. Naturally, a few days later another one showed up and still sits on the shelf.

Maybe I can trade him or sell him off so I can continue to add to the collection.

Hopefully, the Stay Puft guilt syndrome doesnt strike again for that third Dorbz...

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