Friday, June 10, 2016

Mission Success!

I was lucky enough to become a dad in February to a daughter named Harper. She has already gone through a lot of stuff including an open heart surgery at a week old. She's thriving and doing well which is amazing.

I wanted to take some time to share this photo of being able to get her a proton pack of her very own. I am keeping this in the box and giving her the pleasure of opening it herself one day. This will go well with the Little Tykes ECTO-1 that is 75% complete for her. (When we found out the news that she was on the way, I worked on one and it's just missing the light bars and a few finishing things.)

While we were in at Children's Minneapolis, my fire department did a benefit fundraiser for Harper that included a silent auction. We were very fortunate to have Sony Pictures' Ghost Corp office donate a prize package to the silent auction.

I got the prize package ironically enough as my father, father-in-law, and co-worker all bid on the package with the intent to give it to me but were unaware that it was a group effort with the same intentions!

The package included an exclusive Ghost Corp only "Ghostbusters" beanie hat and the Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II blu-ray set with a Slimer statue. I was happy to get the package and haven't opened the blu-ray set as I think it's cool that it came from Ghost Corp. As for the hat, oh, I am so wearing that in the winter!

Even cooler than the package sent was this letter that Eric Reich from Ghost Corp sent me:

I am so excited to share all things Ghostbusters with her and at 3 months old, she is amazed by the ECTO man cave. The lights, the amount of items, and the characters like Stay Puft are all amazing to her.

Yours truly and the wee one. My hat is from the Stay Puft BBQ set, hers is a custom knit job from a friend.

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