Thursday, June 2, 2016

TMNT Eve: Finding Figures Friday

When I go on adventures to find toys and nostalgic items, it's getting really hard to find Turtles. I thought it was the resurgence of the new TMNT wave but I am starting to think that it is just the pure love for these old Playmate Toys.

Today I got lucky.

There is a fairly new toy collector store in the area called "Toy Galaxy." I am gonna give him a plug because he's a righteous dude who has some really great stuff in his store ranging from Masters of the Universe, full boxes of cereal from the 1970s and 7-11 superhero cups.

The place has got some awesomeness in it including:


I may have to go into this place one day and just take photos of the awesomeness that he has in store and last time that I was here, I was able to score a unwrapped box of "The Real Ghostbusters" gummies:

A photo posted by Adam (@heroic37) on

Since I was in the area, I decided to see how his store was unveiling and I am glad that I did as I found two great groups of pick ups. Today, I am going to talk about one of them and I'll save one for a later date soon.

Since Friday launches the new TMNT movie, "Out of the Shadows," it's time to talk mutants:

Sitting in a white basket on a shelf, there was a pile of miscellaneous Turtles from the original line up. Among the many different variations of Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Don, there were General Traag, Bebop, and the Rat King.

I don't know much about my TMNT collection and it's inventory so I took a shot in the dark on these. General Traag was a question mark but upon further checking, I am gladly that I grabbed him.

Bebop is always a great pick up as he's just classic. (I already had him but will include him in a trade to maybe gain his counter part in Rocksteady.)

The Rat King is a piece that I knew I didn't have. I never had him as a child and there's just an allure to his character for me. His design is great and always seemed like such a weird character.

I have always loved the Playmate Toy lineup for doing odd sculpting and little weird details. This Rat King figure has obvious rats climbing about his torso, bones sticking in his fabric to appear as garbage from the world he lives in, spiders and worms crawling among his mucky garbs, and those crazy ginger red eyes.

Just a cool figure.

As long as he's been on my want list, there is one figure that made me feel ecstatic about finding this basket:

Ace Motherlovin' Duck.

Ace was one of my first TMNT figures as a kid and I have just loved his whole demeanor. (My first was Ghengis Frog) He's got a sweeeeeeeet bomber jacket that has the Turtles logo on his back.

I was a big Disney fan and another anormorphic duck was like finding a long lost cousin who had the same interests as you. (Maybe this is why I am a big Anaheim Ducks fan...?) His stature even reminds me of Howard the Duck from the epic 1980s movie.

It's been a hard search for anything classic TMNT and to stumble upon a basket of goodness was a welcome addition to my day.


A few weeks ago, I was stationed in Minneapolis due to my daughter's birth and heart surgery. To escape the stress of the hospital, I often went on adventures to find nostalgic stuff. I also had it on my bucket list while there to visit a Toys R Us as they simply don't exist near me. 

While searching for the Ghostbusters Diamond Select Toys, I found ONE Raphael from the Classic line that Nickelodeon re-released with Playmate Toys. 

Such great packaging:

I have searched for his brothers in this classic line up with no luck but maybe someday...

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