Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Main Squeeze - Slimer Gelatin Toy

Of all the Ghostbusters 2016...errr, "Answer The Call" toys released, two really caught my eye; the squeezable Slimer and the Slimer whose tongue you could pull.

The spud is classic.

I am far, far away from a Toys R Us and don't wanna ruin the fun with online shopping which made finding him a bit tricky. Honestly, I didn't think I would find him in the wild.

However, the new SOOPER Walmart that opened a few years ago has a decent toy aisle and didn't disappoint. (My local Walmart has a terrible toy selection; isn't it odd how the stores vary based on demographic data that is complete bullshit?)

He was there with the blue rat ghost but when my wife saw me pick up both for $10 each, she gave me that look. Choices were made and because I am me, I took the box to help mend the heart on the loss of rat ghost. (The ghost trap ECTO minis playset was also there but I didn't dare.)

Silver linings of it all is that there were only two ghosts left in a box that holds six so these things are selling!

The box itself is amazing and I really wanna hug the design team who is doing the marketing. As a graphic designer, i pick things apart a lot and this is pretty atheistically pleasing.

I am not sure how Slimer will hold up for years to come so I am trying to enjoy him as much as I can now:

The hunt continues for the tongue stretch Slimer but hopefully I'll be able to land him soon.

I find it absolutely amazing to have that feeling of being excited to go into a a retailer that sells NEW things and have that moment of choice to pick ONE new toy off the shelf.

Somewhere, 31 year old me and 8 year old me are passing each other in the night...

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