Friday, January 29, 2016

Treasure Rescue!

I've spent a hiatus from entries but that hasn't stopped my adventures of "treasure rescuing." These adventure have been a great way to relieve daily stress as you never know what you'll find. Once you remove the packaging, toys seem foreign and almost artifact like.

Marvel is cool right now and easy to find. I remember the old ToyBiz days where Iron Man didn't have the hipness of Robert Downey Jr. I have amassed a big collection of Marvel characters which focuses on Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man by pure accident. It's has become kind of a niche habit to save these oddities.

I'm a sucker for Kenner toys and during an antique shop seatch, I found some Superman figures. These were once part of a 2 pack hero and villain setup. I know this as my grandma bought these sets as Christmas gifts to all her grand kids one year. I never got these two heroes of Kryptonite Kal-El or Super Boy so I was glad to find them on the cheap. And as for grandma, these toys kicked ass when you hot a box of wool socks, Hershey Kisses, and Superman. It made it better when all the kids banded together with the figure collection to fight the good fight.

As pictured, Quail man has joined them as well.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a BIG thing as I was growing up so when Lord Zedd came into grasp, I needed him. He was amazingly epic with his muscle texture and level of danger JUST above Rita Repulsa. Truly, an amazing character design!

Saban tried to cash in on various MMPR like things like VR Trooper, which is where the second guy hails from; JB Reese!

I had Ryan Steele, the team leader, as a kid. I always loved that generic name. I miss that figure as he's been lost to my childhood once my parents donated my own toys. 

I'm a huge hockey fan and I love the Anaheim Ducks. Prior to that, the team was known as the Mighty Ducks. Disney CASHED in on them ad movies and a Saturday Morning Cartoon on ABC. This guy is Nosedive Flashblade of the syndicated series and an amazing piece of several ounces of plastic. I'd love to stumble upon more of these short lived toy series. 

Seriously look at this shoulder pad!

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