Thursday, February 11, 2016

Goodwill Finds: Book Editions

I really enjoy Goodwill and finding treasures in it. I have a ritual of searching the store in a pattern: Kids' books, toys and grab bags, furniture, VHS, DVDs, adult books, and the showcase window.

During my time searching, I have set a few goals for myself for "milestones."

1.) Find a copy of Ghostbusters or Ghostbusters II on VHS. (Hard to do actually... but I did get lucky at Saver's a few weeks ago for 3 years of searching.)

2.) Collect all original Goosebumps series books from thrift stores only. (It's hard to find one copy of a book in my area but if you do, you find several others to go along with it. It's never just ONE.)

3.) My most recent goal is to find Stephen King books. I havent read much of his works but I have enjoyed the stories on film, be it feature movie or mini series. I am going to try to read his works soon so consider it prep work.

Back to the Goosebumps, I loved these books by R.L. Stine! (I even went as far to watch the new Jack Black movie which wasn't terrible!)

These books were the best! I remember the book fair flyers that were passed out once a month. If you didn't order the new Goosebumps, you were left out of the social crowds as if you didn't watch TGIF that week.

The artwork on these things were the selling point for me and a few stand out like these:

And the smell of the pages was AMAZING!!!

I hope to find some more Goosebumps to fill in the gaps in my collection soon. The new movie has made them hot once more so it seems that the source to get them has been shut off for the last few months.

I will be completely honest that I have not read all these books so finding the ones that I missed as a kid really make my day.

Now from the kids' book section to the adult reading, I recently decided to start collecting Stephen King books after finding a slew of them at my local Goodwill. For $2.99 a hardcover, it seemed like a great buy and being a popular author, finding his books is not too hard which makes each find an easy feel good pick.

I have read one book by Stephen King in "Pet Semetary" because I love the movie. I find it to be one of the most creepy and eeriely toned settings for a movie. In the little bit of the books I have read since I started to collect his works have surprised me as he is quite the perverse writer which makes the "famous" writer a little more common. it was not what I expected but something that makes it more fun to peek into his worlds.

What books do you covert during your adventures?

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