Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 is here!

So 2015 has come and gone and it's been a crazy 2016 already!I havent had much time to blog since October due to a variety of reasons. Nonetheless, I wanted to share some things with all five of you who read this blog!

I am going to try to keep up the blogging but I will let you all know that I am on the cusp of being a father for the first time. THE CUSP!

Lucky to be expecting a little girl named Harper in my life soon, I am doing my best to gather all my pop culture knowledge and techniques to pass along to her. I cannot wait!

Harper is due to hit the world on February 29 (Leap Year!) but I am personally hoping for Valentine's Day 2016. Why? Because I am THAT dad....

Thank you all for following along and here's to posts in 2016!

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