Saturday, August 22, 2015

Flea Market Finds: August Heat Edition

I decided to venture out into the humid heat of August to find some sweet "nugs" as my friend, Abigail would say. Here are the gems:

 First up, a toy that ALMOST quenched my childhood hunger for a Jurassic Park T-Rex. This guy is pretty sweet and one of the originals from the 90s but I remember the larger one that used to actually eat your toys. My adult mind feels like it was from the original movie but Google tells me that it was from the sequel "The Lost World." I don't know but nonetheless I was excited to find this guy and snatched him up quickly to bring home. 

Somewhere my 9 year old self is so damn happy and all is right with the universe. 

Second "choice nug" that I was able to find was this 1986 ALF plush. There were two of them but I felt a connection to this guy. He had a slight tear in his arm but no worries as he is 29 years old after all. 

I freggin' love ALF. I actually still watch the show on DVD quite regularly still to this day so any ALF merch that I come across is always a welcome addition to my collection. Also, it's pretty hard to find ALF stuff so it makes the adventures even better. 

So needless to say, I found two things that I absolutely love and am glad to have in my collection. Ironically, they came from the same place on the same day which is a feel good story.

What are some pieces of your collection that you have wanted for a long time as a kid but you couldn't get them until you were in your adult life? 

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