Sunday, July 12, 2015


It's summer time and that means PARADES!

I was lucky enough to become an unofficial ambassador for a local Halloween charity event called "The Field of Screams" which is based in Chisholm, Minnesota. The event is a Halloween tour of "haunted attractions" that gathers money and puts it back into the community. Local organizations donate their time and materials to gain a spot along the haunted tour. I've done tour guiding, acting, and now parades. 

I love it.

I was lucky enough to be joined by other volunteers in this journey and alongside my friend who plays the character of Freddy Krueger, we got some Halloween fun in June and July. With two impressive and expensive labors of love, we brought characters to life and became the object of many selfies from the crowd. One instance even saw us stop a parade because the crowds enjoyed our characters that much!

Some highlights include:

  • Meeting Senator Al Franken who appears in the Ghostbusters music video and also wrote for Saturday Night Live. Freddy tapped him on the shoulder and asked if we could get a picture with him which meant that Al almost jumped out of his skin seeing that in July. His words of wisdom to me? "You know they are making an all female movie, right?" Me: "You're a politician. Aren't you suppose to lie to me and kiss my butt?" 
  • I stopped into a convenience store to get something to drink on a 100F degree day and figured I would get a car wash as well. Clerk at the store says, "What? Is ECTO-1 dirty?" Me: "Yep. Filthy."
  • A random parade audience member: "What are you suppose to be?" Me: "Some kinda cosmonaut."
  • A lady asked me if the pack on my back helped me fly. 

The true highlight of all this was the kids though. I did most parades giving kids high fives or knuckle bumping as the Field of Screams didn't go the "tossing candy route." Kids really dug it and the smiles were great. A lot were fearful of Freddy but glad to see that I kept the monsters out from under their beds. A good vibe all around and I was glad to take on the reigns of being an ambassador not only to the Field of Screams but also to Ghostbusters. 

The inner kid in me approves!

Here are some highlights:

The Land of The Loon Parade in Virginia, Minnesota. June 20, 2015.
1st paper appearance of the season in the Mesabi Daily News. June 20, 2015.

The Land of the Loon parade once more.

Slimer making his first parade appearance in Hibbing's Jubilee parade. July 8, 2015.

Making the Hibbing Daily Tribune for the town's Jubilee Parade on July 8, 2015.

Hibbing Jubiliee Parade. Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good!

High fiving kids and taking photos. Surprised that the kids knew Ghostbusters.

Gilbert, MN July 3rd Parade. 

Bumped into MN Senator Al Franken who appeared in the Ghostbusters music video by Ray Parker Jr. He also wrote for Saturday Night Live.

Selfie with the crowd.

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