Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Imaginext Blind Bags!

I have followed Eric over at Toyriffic for a long time now. I could even credit him with being the first toy blog that piqued my interest. He is big into mini figures of LEGO and these gems of the Fisher Price Imaginext series. They could often be taken for little kids toys as the danger level on them is almost nil. However, when people started to point out the "adult" board room aspect of these, I started to fall in love with the blind bags.

Anyone who knows me well knows my "board room approach."

For years I have been questioning the fictional and philosophical approach of product pitching in board rooms. Imagine a group of business men who care only about the bottom dollar and statistical of sales. These men toss about ideas to propose a product for market.

Imaginext goes something like this....

Boardroom Bob: "Fisher Price needs to jump onto this blind bag mania that other bands such as LEGO are doing in our retail partner spaces. We create a few figures and let the consumers fend for them in hopes of finding the complete collection for themselves. We make X amount of figures and Y amount of a certain one to make them keep coming back for more."

Boardroom Tom: "Brilliant idea, Bob! What characters should we make that are kid friendly?! We already have licenses for Spongebob, Batman, Ninja Turtles, and Marvel Heroes. Who makes the blind bags?

Boardroom Bob: "Hold on, Tim. We aren't going to spend our licensing dollars on these cheap bags. It's all about profit, man! Dollar bills! MY BEACH HOME!!!!!!!!$$$$$!!!"

Boardroom Tom: "Oh yes, silly of me, Bob. Well, how do we make people buy this shit?"

Intern Carl: "Uh, how about we make a family friendly version of Stephen King's IT? Kids will LOVE it!"

Boardroom Tom and Bob: "What the &$*# Carl?!"

Intern Carl: "Well, kids won't buy these. Parents will. I say we make generic versions of things THEY  love and make it seem like our own idea."

Boardroom comes to a humming silence.

Tom, Bob, Carl: "BRILLIANT!"

With that being said, there are some cool generic figures in each line of the blind bags like the generic version of "IT" which I have pulled twice. (It's cool because I have a balloon animal for my 12" Egon from Mattel. You know, balloons and hot beverage thermos for the kids.)

If IT doesn't drive home the adult theme, check out Walter White from Breaking Bad as well as Jason Voorhees pre-hockey mask. 

I have also been able to find the wastelands scientist and snowboarder. Not a big fan of much more in that particular wave other than IT and the Wicked Witch. Still searching for her but while happening upon my local box of these, I was able to find the next wave which appears to be Halloween themed. I couldn't resist in picking those up instead.

The ghost motif fits well in my collection so I was hoping to gain that one and the werewolf in chains. Luckily, I pulled both on my first try.

How cool is that green skeleton!?!?

Very cool molding and I am needless to say a big fan now of the Imaginext blind bags!

In case you go on the hunt, you can find this link on the blind bag codes to help you decipher what figures is in what bag. 

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