Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Goodwill Finds: Furry madness!

It is time once again for GOODWILL FINDS!

This edition is a bit furry....

Since I started digging, two other thrift stores have opened up around me. I have put an APB on all vintage action figures and 80s things at these shops. 

First item found today was this ALF "No problem" plush that clearly came from a smokey garage. I imagine he was once part of a biker gang or something. I nabbed him up for 59 cents. HOLY SH...UT YOUR MOUTH. Yep. Less than a dollar and he's now safe in the 80s vault that is the ECTO Den. 

When I bought him, the owner of the store seemed a bit surprised and said, "HOLY COW! ALF! How do you remember ALF?" 

"Lady, I just watched ALF on DVD three nights ago..." (No, seriously, I did.)

Next up was a grab bag of various small Star Wars items. I was able to pull a few of the Star Wars Imaginext toys and a small 1984 Ewok. The ewok is what pulled my desire to buy the bag as I am a sucker for those furry bastards. I didn't know he would be an OG ewok. 

Taking down an Empire with sticks and rocks gets your face a bit muffed up.

The Imaginext figures are pretty collectable as they were the first big license for the Fisher Price line. Kinda a cool style too so I am glad to have found these as well. 

The rest of the bag was Happy Meal toys that I will probably trade off to a bigger Star Wars fan. 

And while I did find these a few weeks ago, I have become one to search for fire truck items. As a part of a volunteer fire department who has desires to have kids one day, I figured I would try to gather up some fire related items to pass along. I was able to find these two trucks to put upon my new white board in the man cave. One lights up and the other is a pretty sweet ladder truck. For a collective $3, it's not a bad investment. You should see the cost on a real truck. 

As mentioned in a post prior about my Goodwill searching, I try to find some cool books to pass along to my kid(s). I fear gratefully that my child will be stuck with the pure shit of today or tomorrow. I try my best to pursue the best books that we can share as bedtime stories and am building quite the collection up. 

Some things that I look for in the books section of my local Goodwills:

  • Goosebumps. (It's a personal vendetta against RL Stine.)
  • 80s/90s thin pop culture books. (ALF, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Ducktales, etc.) About 20 pages or so with a lot of colored photos. Standard book fair stuff. 
  • Halloween books or anything to do with ghosts (Love Halloween as does my wife.)
  • Disney Wonderful World of Reading. (Classic hardcover books)
  • Golden Books (Classics again)
  • Berenstein Bears books (Amazing)

So here was the book haul today:

Santa's Reindeer, A Scooby Doo coloring book WITH Glow in the Dark stickers, A Disney WWOR Duck Tales, This Book is Haunted

This Book Is Haunted is a tale of Halloween and it's odd storied traditions among a neighborhood of kids. 

The Disney Duck Tales is a wonderfully illustrated book that chronicles the cartoon series show very well with some mischief from the Beagle Boys. 

A hard puzzle to answer.


The Scooby Doo coloring book was 49 cents and is COMPLETE with its Glow in the Dark Stickers. It was value honestly that won me over. 

Santa's Reindeer. At 1.99, she was a bit overprice. But the book is full of surprises and little niches of discovery that made this book cool. I love when books add extras to it that give you tangible items to go along with the story and this one is no different. You basically LEARN about Santa's reindeers and eventually get a DIPLOMA for being a stable elf. 

Where else can you get a certifiable education for $2? Nowhere but Goodwill. 

A Reindeer Manual!

Finish the book, get a diploma!

Seriously, I love Goodwill.


  1. Those Star Wars figures are neither Fisher Price nor Imaginext. They began under the Playskool Star Wars banner and then turned into Hasbro's "Galactic Heroes" Line when they stopped using the Playskool branding for a few years. There were similar lines put out for GIJoe (Combat Heroes) Transformers (Robot Heroes) and MArvel (Super Hero Squad) which are colectively referred to as the Hasbro Heroes lines.

    Eventually they ended the Galactic Heroes line, which had limited-to-no articulation, the Playskool branding was brought back, and now there are jointed figures similar to this in the Imaginext style called Playskool Heroes Jedi Force, still being put out by Hasbro/Playskool.

    1. Ah that's right! I thought they seemed a bit more stylized and Galactic Heroes does ring a bell! Thanks for the clarifications!