Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Look for a New Season.... of EVIL! (Oh Viggie...)

I decided to update this little blog of mine in hopes that someone reads it so if this is you, thank you. Leave a comment to let me know you were here... Thanks!

Throughout my life, I have been a graphic designer and the look that the blog had previously was slapped together quickly and always irritated me. I am feeling better on this look and hope that it will make for some great reading as we enter the new season of the 2016 Summer Blockbuster SMASH, "Ghostbusters."

I have also toyed with the idea of doing a 1 on 1 interview type podcast show that would be myself talking to guests about "Ghostbusters." Think, Larry King talking into a microphone and interviewing the who's who of the Ghosthead community.

Speaking of podcasts, I have to give credit to these guys as I have been hooked on their shows lately:

The Ghostbusters Interdimensional Crossrip

Chris and Troy do a wonderful job on breaking down all the news, stories, and highlights of the Ghostbusters community. They do such a wonderful job that this is why I thought the Larry King-esque interview type show would differ enough from theirs to warrant a show.

and also:

The Yes Have Some Podcast

I have been online friends with Craig and Abigail for sometime now. (In fact, a dancing Slimer that sits in my man cave came from Craig.) They gathered up another friend named Jake and now talk about all things neat and nostalgic. Topics range from Jurassic Park to you guessed it... Jaws.

I hope that these shows help to give you some things to entertain you as I gather up some time and projects to publish on here as well as work on this new podcast idea.


I cannot wait for that stuff... I just sit here and sniff these Ecto Cooler candles I bought with the hopes of holding out for a few more days.

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