Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Ghostbusters Toys!!

It has been almost 20 years since Ghostbusters toys hit the mainstream toy aisle at local stores like Target, Walmart and even Toys R Us. The last time this happened was in the 90s with Extreme Ghostbusters which was met with a lot of criticism DESPITE having a female and a dude in a wheelchair. (Hulu has the series on it now and it's dark. Check it out.)

These are the toys right now to get and are leaving a lot of toy fans struggling to find them. I have been vigilant on finding them as often as I can and so far Target is winning the battle for stocking.

Beautiful isn't it? 

Walmart needs some updating.

I have been able to find the Stay Puft, Rowan, a noise making Slimer plush, a light up ECTO 2016 and the ECTO 1 and ECTO 1A Hot Wheels toys. There were also a BUTT LOAD of stickers which I did pick up as well.

I am a big fan of the packaging for these toys no matter what the movie will turn out to be. I really appreciate there being a 2016 line and a "classic" Ghostbusters line.

Here are the highlights:

Slimer is pretty neat as he makes two types of noises; a screaming noise and an eating noise. The plush itself is pretty nice as a microfiber plush. He looks a bit different than my childhood but then again so do I. I would highly recommend picking him up if you get a chance!

Rowan is the "big bad" villain of the 2016 movie, or at least that is the pre-screening public thought on him. He deliberately looks like the franchise's logo ghost which is cool and gives him a slight hint of The Real Ghostbusters bumper host. That already gives him a pass in my book even if he does resemble comedian Louie Anderson.

There have been a few iterations of the Hot Wheel ECTOs in the past year or so that have been SOOOOO hard to find. This find made me so happy that I had to pick up two sets of ECTOs.  A great display packaging of both classic cars and the fact that this gives me another ECTO 1A is fantastic as that car has always had a soft spot in my heart.

Stay Puft appears in the new movie it seems as a "balloon" which probably points at a parade scene at some point. The figure does a good job of saying, "This is not the Destructor but rather a Thanksgiving tradition" with the arm ripples. I really hope two things happen: 1) he gets snagged on a church and 2.) he ends up in a gravy boat. 

While I am not crazy about the new ECTO 2016, it's a cool toy as it has Slimer in the driver's seat and lights up! I am not sure how much 2016 ECTO stuff I will gather up but if this ends up being it, I am happy. 

Last but not least, the pinnacle of the Ghostbusters toy line! Something that I put a bounty out on for information of being stocked somewhere! 

I have not been blogging a lot in 2016 due to my daughter being born in February. She had some complications which resulted to open heart surgery which lead to a 64 day stay in an ICU at a Children's Hospital. (More on that later) I am the type of dad to want to pass the torch as best as possible and asked my friends to help me find a proton pack for her. I will be stashing this thing away until she's old enough to enjoy it as a kid, not a collector. 

 I hope she grows to enjoy Ghostbusters as much as her dad and while the new 2016 movie is aimed at her demographic, she will be able to grow up with it all. 

But at two months old, the new My Little Pony has her heart thus far... Damn you, Tara Strong! (Just kidding, totally a big fan!)

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